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Ethical leadership, organisational citizenship behaviours and social loafing: The mediating effect of perceived organisational politics

Ayshe Hyusein    
Serife Z. Eyupoglu    


AbstractPurpose: The main objective of this study was to provide empirical evidence in order to enhance the understanding of how ethical leadership influences employees? organisational citizenship behaviours and occurrence of social loafing through the mediating role of perceived organisational politics in the higher education sector.Design/methodology/approach: The respondents of the study were academics engaged in the education sector in North Cyprus. Structural equation modelling (SEM), regression analysis and bootstrapping technique were employed to test the model and the hypotheses.Findings/results: The statistical findings confirm that the presence of an ethical leader encouraged and motivated employees to develop a politically transparent environment, which in turn encouraged academics to develop organisational citizenship behaviours and reduce social loafing intentions in their workplace.Practical implications: The results demonstrated that organisations aiming to increase organisational performance through encouraging employee discretionary behaviours are recommended to hire and promote ethical leaders and develop strategies to measure perceived levels of organisational politics.Originality/value: This study fills a gap in the literature by asserting that the complete chain effects of an ethical leadership network enhance employee positivity and reduce negative discretionary behaviours. It also highlights that the effect of ethical leadership on organisational citizenship behaviours (OCBs) and social loafing was partially contingent on perceived organisational politics.

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