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Few-Shot Fine-Grained Image Classification: A Comprehensive Review

Jie Ren    
Changmiao Li    
Yaohui An    
Weichuan Zhang and Changming Sun    


Few-shot fine-grained image classification (FSFGIC) methods refer to the classification of images (e.g., birds, flowers, and airplanes) belonging to different subclasses of the same species by a small number of labeled samples. Through feature representation learning, FSFGIC methods can make better use of limited sample information, learn more discriminative feature representations, greatly improve the classification accuracy and generalization ability, and thus achieve better results in FSFGIC tasks. In this paper, starting from the definition of FSFGIC, a taxonomy of feature representation learning for FSFGIC is proposed. According to this taxonomy, we discuss key issues on FSFGIC (including data augmentation, local and/or global deep feature representation learning, class representation learning, and task-specific feature representation learning). In addition, the existing popular datasets, current challenges and future development trends of feature representation learning on FSFGIC are also described.

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