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Single Image Super Resolution Using Deep Residual Learning

Moiz Hassan    
Kandasamy Illanko and Xavier N. Fernando    


Single Image Super Resolution (SSIR) is an intriguing research topic in computer vision where the goal is to create high-resolution images from low-resolution ones using innovative techniques. SSIR has numerous applications in fields such as medical/satellite imaging, remote target identification and autonomous vehicles. Compared to interpolation based traditional approaches, deep learning techniques have recently gained attention in SISR due to their superior performance and computational efficiency. This article proposes an Autoencoder based Deep Learning Model for SSIR. The down-sampling part of the Autoencoder mainly uses 3 by 3 convolution and has no subsampling layers. The up-sampling part uses transpose convolution and residual connections from the down sampling part. The model is trained using a subset of the VILRC ImageNet database as well as the RealSR database. Quantitative metrics such as PSNR and SSIM are found to be as high as 76.06 and 0.93 in our testing. We also used qualitative measures such as perceptual quality.

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