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Progress of Stewart Vibration Platform in Aerospace Micro?Vibration Control

Zepeng He    
Xiangchao Feng    
Yeqing Zhu    
Zhibo Yu    
Zhen Li    
Yan Zhang    
Yinhang Wang    
Pengfei Wang and Liangyu Zhao    


In order to support the development of high?precision spacecraft, the current state of the Stewart vibration isolation platform in the field of aerospace micro?vibration was surveyed. First, based on analyses of the causes and characteristics of spacecraft micro?vibration, the principles, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of four vibration isolation technologies are summarized. Second, the development process of the Stewart vibration isolation platform, from structural proposal and theoretical calculation to application in various fields, is introduced. Then, the current state of kinematics, dynamics and braking control algorithms of the Stewart platform is investigated, and related work on rigid/flexible platforms in the field of aerospace micro?vibration is introduced in detail. Finally, the idea that the Stewart platform can be fabricated by 4D printing technology is proposed. The novel Stewart platform can be combined with artificial intelligence algorithms and advanced control strategies, allowing for further development in the direction of an integrated omnidirectional, full?frequency and multi?function platform with variable stiffness.

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