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Design of a Mars Ascent Vehicle Using HyImpulse?s Hybrid Propulsion

Maël Renault and Vaios Lappas    


The recent growth in maturity of paraffin-based hybrid propulsion systems reassesses the possibility to design an alternative Mars Ascent Vehicle (MAV) propelled by a European hybrid motor. As part of the Mars Sample Return (MSR) campaign, a Hybrid MAV would present potential advantages over the existent solid concept funded by NASA through offering increased performance, higher thermal resilience, and lower Gross Lift-Off Mass (GLOM). This study looks at the preliminary design of a two-stage European MAV equipped with HyImpulse?s hybrid engine called the Hyplox10. This Hybrid MAV utilizes the advantages inherent to this type of propulsion to propose an alternative MAV concept. After a careful analysis of previous MAV architectures from the literature, the vehicle is sized with all its components such as the propellant tanks and nozzle, and the configuration of the rocket is established. A detailed design of the primary structure is addressed. This is followed by a Finite Element Analysis (FEA), evaluating the structural integrity under the challenging conditions of Entry, Descent, and Landing (EDL) on Mars, considering both static and dynamic analyses. The outcome is a Hybrid MAV design that demonstrates feasibility and resilience in the harsh Martian environment, boasting a GLOM of less than 300 kg.

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