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AI and Face-Driven Orthodontics: A Scoping Review of Digital Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

Juraj Tomá?ik    
Márton Zsoldos    
Lubica Oravcová    
Michaela Lifková    
Gabriela Pavleová    
Martin Strunga and Andrej Thurzo    


In the age of artificial intelligence (AI), technological progress is changing established workflows and enabling some basic routines to be updated. In dentistry, the patient?s face is a crucial part of treatment planning, although it has always been difficult to grasp in an analytical way. This review highlights the current digital advances that, thanks to AI tools, allow us to implement facial features beyond symmetry and proportionality and incorporate facial analysis into diagnosis and treatment planning in orthodontics. A Scopus literature search was conducted to identify the topics with the greatest research potential within digital orthodontics over the last five years. The most researched and cited topic was artificial intelligence and its applications in orthodontics. Apart from automated 2D or 3D cephalometric analysis, AI finds its application in facial analysis, decision-making algorithms as well as in the evaluation of treatment progress and retention. Together with AI, other digital advances are shaping the face of today?s orthodontics. Without any doubts, the era of ?old? orthodontics is at its end, and modern, face-driven orthodontics is on the way to becoming a reality in modern orthodontic practices.

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