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Ahashan Habib, Yukun Bao     Pág. 240 - 255
Knowledge management is one of the most important strategic resources of the firm which has been ascertained to many organizations to acquire and apply it before their competitor for achieving competitive advantages. Similarly, due to rising environmenta... ver más

After performing a systematic review of the literature, it was noticeable that the discussion regarding Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) along with Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT) and Innovation is scarce. To address this issue, the objective... ver más
Revista: Sustainability

Various sources of biomass contribute significantly in energy production globally given a series of constraints in its primary production. Green biomass sources (such as perennial grasses), yellow biomass sources (such as crop residues), and woody biomas... ver más
Revista: Energies

Blanka Tundys, Yudi Fernando     Pág. 31 - 50
In the considerations, an attempt was made to organize the knowledge about the KPIs used in the literature and economic practice in relation to the implementation of a new business strategy, which is a sustainable supply chain. Based on the literature, t... ver más

The closed-loop supply chain management model is an effective way to promote sustainable economic development and environmental protection. Increasing the sales volume of remanufactured products to stimulate green growth is a key issue in the development... ver más
Revista: Sustainability