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Research on Rural Leisure Planning and Design from the Perspective of Rural Revitalization

Yu Xiaohui    
Zhao Hui    


AbstractRural Revitalization cannot be carried out simply through industrialization that has been done by the traditional development. It needs the simultaneous development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries because the traditional development mode of rural tourism, which allows farmers to move away from villages and occupy good natural resources, has not been accepted.  In the process of rural revitalization development, the village collective should play a major role in formulating standardized processes and methods, focusing on optimizing resources, excavating the unique culture of the countryside, and encouraging the villagers to participate actively.   As an important link between villagers, tourists and the natural environment, rural leisure can promote villagers' return, retain tourists, and finally promote rural revitalization with the concept of ecological civilization, so as to realize the sustainable development of rural areas.

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