Efektivitas Online Travel Agent Dan Promosi Penjualan Terhadap Jumlah Tamu Di Hotel Arjuna Yogyakarta

Dea Nadya br Ginting    
Muinah Fadhilah    
Lusia Tria Hatmanti Hutami    


This study aims to determine the effectiveness of Online Travel Agent and Sales Promotion on the number of guests at Arjuna Hotel Yogyakarta and help tourists and hospitality find sales promotion strategies in increasing the level of visits and occupancy in order to increase the revenue of businesses and regions of Yogyakarta Special Region. The population used in this research is 1 person from Front Office Manager Arjuna Hotel Yogyakarta. The analysis model used in this study is Qualitative with interviews, observations, documentation and SWOT analysis. The result of this study is that OTA is proven to increase the number of guests or room occupancy so that the participation and support from the hotel both from employees and management must be improved, so that the goal to increase sales is achieved. Keywords : Effectiveness, Online Travel Agent, Sales Promotion

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