The Benefits of Training and Development Programs for Lending Organization Personnel: Basis for Development of Training Program

Fhrizz S. De Jesus    
Lyka Mae L. Fajardo    


AbstractEmployee development and training programs are critical to the global success of firms. Not only do these programs enable employees to develop new abilities, but they also enable businesses to increase employee productivity and improve company cultures. Assistance for Central Luzon Lending Inc.(ACLLI), is a newly established organization which aims to provide a training and development program for its employees. The researchers of this study focus on the emerging situation and the need for training and development, its implications on individual performance and the achievement of the institutional goal. The study utilized a mixed-method approach to assess the benefits of a Training and Development Program for a lending organization personnel. This research was conducted in Talavera, Nueva Ecija where the 13 employee- respondents of ACLLI were identified. The data collected from the locale were encoded, tallied, and analyzed. Statistical tools such as Percentage, Frequency Distribution, Weighted Mean, and Thematic analysis were used in analyzing the data gathered. The result shows that most of the respondents strongly agreed the training given equipped me with the knowledge necessary to succeed in my career when it comes to career competencies. Also, the majority of the respondents are highly in favour that they performed better after attending training and development programs relative to their work. Lastly, a training and development plan was crafted by the researchers to help the needs of the employees.

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