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Xiaochuan Song, Graham H. Lowman and Peter Harms    
Crowd-based labor has been widely implemented to solve human resource shortages cost-effectively and creatively. However, while investigations into the benefits of crowd-based labor for organizations exist, our understanding of how crowd-based labor prac... ver más

Muhammad Iqbal Khan,Syed Haider Ali Shah,Aftab Haider,Shahab Aziz,Munaza Kazmi     Pág. 42 - 50
Organizations compete in today?s world through its intangible assets which literature describe as human capital. Technology can be replaced but human capital cannot be replaced completely ever. Employee retention is center of attention for all the organi... ver más

Nicholas Ochieng' Ojwang'     Pág. 1 - 19
Human talent represents a source of competitive advantage. Yet the very people organisations would want to retain are the ones most likely to leave. What determines employee turnover is a vital question to organisations facing business continuity challen... ver más

Tatjana Ivanovic, Sonja Ivancevic     Pág. 53 - 63
Research Question: The purpose of this paper is to determine whether the number of jobs the Millennial generation intend to change during their career is larger than that of previous generations; to compare the Millennials? intention to leave their curre... ver más
Revista: Management

Reeta Yadav    
Employees perception regarding fairness in the organization is termed as organizational justice. The objective of this paper is to study the antecedents and consequences of organizational justice on the basis of earlier relevant studies from the period r... ver más