Information system for automation of researches of agrochemical indicators of the soil

S. Komkova    
E. Kosolapova    
V. Kosolapov    


The paper substantiates the relevance and discloses the development of an information system for automating the study of agrochemical soil indicators, for which a certificate of state registration of the program on a computer RU 2022612539 dated 28.02.2022 was obtained. The program is one of the modules of the system for operational control of agrochemical soil indicators. To date, special programs of various levels are being implemented aimed at restoring and maintaining soil fertility, as this is one of the most significant resources that ensure the industrial safety of the country. Digitalization covers all spheres of human activity, including agriculture. Many manufacturers of agricultural equipment are looking to integrate various advanced technologies based on the use of various sensors into their equipment. However, little attention is paid to the study of soil quality indicators in existing commercial proposals. And the traditional method of studying the main agrochemical indicators of the soil in specialized laboratories is quite laborious. The proposed information system allows for a comprehensive study of agrochemical soil indicators in an automated mode. Provides, at the request of the user, remote wireless access to sensor nodes located in the field, receiving data from them, fixing them in the system and issuing recommendations for adjusting the technological process, taking into account the type of cultivated crop and life cycle. Using the program will allow at any time to study predetermined agrochemical indicators of the soil, on the basis of which it is possible to effectively control the technological process depending on the needs of plants.

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