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Digital Healthcare: Program-targeted Approach and the Problems of Aging

Gennadii Orlov    
Andrei Chugunov    


The article presents the results of a survey study - a component of a sociological project focused, in one of its components, on testing hypotheses about the relationship between the state of health and the orientation of older people to active longevity, or a passive attitude to their future as a result of the prevalence of a socio-psychological attitude to the process of "living out". The actual characteristics of modern society are simultaneously the processes of rapid digitalization and aging of the population, that is, the growth of that part of society that is considered to be "lagging behind" the development of modern technologies. This determines the authors' interest in the topic of digital healthcare as one of the components of the state information policy. The article presents an overview of international health digitalization programs based on the global trend and programs in line with "Information and Communication Technologies and Development" (United Nations line), global trends in population aging and attempts to use digital healthcare to solve various problems in this regard are outlined. The analysis of the development of the process of introducing digital healthcare methods and technologies in Russia allowed us to formulate the main milestones and present the periodization of this process. In conclusion, the main trends and forecasts in the development of methods and technologies of digital healthcare are outlined, including in relation to solving the problems of older age and the development of active longevity.

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