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Robust Portfolio Optimization Strategies in The Serbian Stock Market

Branimir Mocic    


Research Question: This paper investigates the performances of six portfolios constructed using robust optimization methods in the Serbian stock market. Motivation: Motivated by the lack of research that analyses the allocation strategies based on robust optimization in the other non-US markets, this paper analyses the ability of these strategies to produce positive performance in the Serbian financial market. Idea: This paper aims to check whether robust strategies can provide positive risk-adjusted performance compared to simple strategies. Data: The analysis was performed on daily data from 2017 to 2020. Tools: We used monthly portfolio rebalancing with an estimation period of 24 months, applying budget and no-short selling constraints in portfolio construction. As a benchmark, we used two simple strategies, the strategy of market index replication and the equal weighting strategy (1/N). Consequently, the performance of the portfolios is evaluated once a month and calculated for the entire investment period. Findings: Empirical results suggest that robust optimization methods improve portfolio performance on a risk-adjusted basis. The increase in performance is affected by an increase in turnover, so the stability of weights in the portfolio depends on the compliance of the model characteristics with the conditions prevailing in the market. Contribution: To the best of our knowledge, this is the first article that analyses the performance of robust optimization portfolios for the Serbian stock markets. Analysing the performance of robust optimization strategies and comparing them to two simple strategies, this paper contributes to the existing literature by checking their possibility of obtaining a positive performance in less developed markets. Additionally, all information presented in this paper could help investors optimize their risk allocation and profitability.

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