Factors Influencing Customers? Interest at Alam Sutera Mall, Indonesia

Hesti Maria    
Indah Wira Putri    
Innocentius Bernarto    
Yohana F. Cahya Palupi Meilani    


This study aims to determine factors attracting customers to a shopping mall, especially the potential customers to AlamSutera Mall. It was done in a quantitative manner, empirically testing a conceptual model consisting of convenience, tenant variants, internal environment, leisure mix and promotions as the variables. The data were analyzed through structural equation modelling (SEM) on a sample of 105 visitors. The results showed that the convenience and leisure mix had a positive influence on frequency of visits, and the frequency of visits had a positive influence on purchase intention. However, the tenant variant, promotions and internal environment in the shopping mall did not have a positive influence on the frequency of visits. This study provides input to shopping mall managers to understand how to attract potential customers.

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