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Patricia AmeLia Tomei,Giuseppe Maria Russo     Pág. 19 - 39
Objective: The literature on Food Safety Culture (FSC) has evolved in the conceptual dimension, but remains incipient regarding the creation of measurement instruments and quantitative evaluation. To fill this gap, this article presents a model that iden... ver más

Yulinda Nurfit Demajosita, I Made Putrawan, Diana Vivanti     Pág. 115 - 120
The environmental crisis that occurred allegedly derived from human mistakes perspective about himself against nature. Therefore, we need a new perspective or paradigm of the environment or the New Environmental Paradigm (NEP). To change the way students... ver más

Muhammad Tajuddin Anwar     Pág. 24 - 31
The purpose of this research is to explain about the influence of employee maturity to situational leadership and also of the success of information systems of private universities Private College Coordinator of area VII and VIII (Kopertis) of region VII... ver más

Meswantri Meswantri,Awaludin Ilyas     Pág. 36 - 44
This study aims to analyze and prove partially or simultaneously the influence of transformational leadership, employee placement, competence and employee engagement on employee performance in construction and building companies in DKI Jakarta. The resea... ver más

Frederick C. Teufel Jr.    
Many high school and college graduates that have excelled in their sport at either or both levels are not able to maintain their edge once they finish matriculating and/or enter the work force. The demands on their time coupled with the gradual deteriora... ver más