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Development of cross-training plans for key personnel in projects: the case of a multidisciplinary engineering company

A. González    
A. Sandoval    
B. Heredia    


The research proposes a strategy to develop cross-training plans to be implemented in engineering companies that carry out multidisciplinary projects. Through empirical data collected by the application of the case method, the study performs an analysis to determine the activities and tasks that can be performed by specialists from different but complementary areas. The study is based on different existing theories, such as job rotation, project management maturity models, intellectual capital and motivational and leadership theories. As a result, each specialist obtains a holistic vision on the management of interdisciplinary projects, contributing to their development and improving the coordination of different areas. The application of these cross-training plans to key personnel in multidisciplinary projects benefits the interpersonal relationships among the project team and, consequently, collaborates in obtaining projects with better performance.

pp. Page 205 - 218

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