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The Development of an Infrastructure Quality Index for Nigerian Metropolitan Areas Using Multivariate Geo-Statistical Data Fusion

Adegbola Ojo    
Nikolaos Papachristodoulou and Samuel Ibeh    


Nigeria recently witnessed a decade of urban, economic, and social transformation. However, certain features of the Nigerian business environment act as constraints on economic growth. These characteristics also deter investment and exasperate business competitiveness. Inadequate infrastructure is identified as a major constraint to growth and competitiveness. This article summarises the technical development of a City Infrastructure Quality Index (CIQI) aimed at providing a relative measure of performance in urban infrastructure in Nigeria, focusing specifically on factors of production and resources for inclusive economic growth and development. The design of the CIQI adopts quality assurance principles undergirded by a five-stage systematic integration and calibration of spatial statistics derived from secondary data sources. The results have allowed for the piloting of a comparative framework for gauging good practice, excellence and adherence to recognisable standards in the provision of infrastructure across 37 Nigerian urban and metropolitan areas.

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