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Green and Blue Infrastructure in Darwin; Carbon Economies and the Social and Cultural Dimensions of Valuing Urban Mangroves in Australia

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Teodora Maria Rusu, Tania Mihaiescu, Antonia Odagiu and Laura Paulette    
Water footprint assessment is an analytical tool that helps us understand how activities, actions, and products from human activity influence the scarcity and pollution of water resources. The objectives of the paper are to study the water footprint that... ver más
Revista: Water

Andrea Crampton and Angela T. Ragusa    
Climate and anthropogenic change, particularly agricultural runoff, increase blue-green algae/cyanobacteria blooms. This article researches cyanobacteria alert-level identification, management, and risk communication in Lake Hume, Australia. Two methods,... ver más
Revista: Hydrology

István Waltner, Attila Ribács, Borbála Gémes and András Székács    
Our study aims to provide a look at how the production of dairy cattle is affecting water resources in Hungary. Utilizing the AquaCrop model and field data from a selected field in Hungary, we focused on the evapotranspiration (ET) and water footprint (W... ver más
Revista: Water

Alla Khosrovyan, Rima Avalyan, Anahit Atoyants, Evelina Aghajanyan, Lusine Hambaryan, Rouben Aroutiounian and Bardukh Gabrielyan    
Harmful algal blooms (HABs) are overgrowths of toxic strains of algae (diatoms, green) and cyanobacteria (blue-green algae). While occurring naturally, human-induced environmental changes have resulted in more frequent occurrences of such blooms worldwid... ver más
Revista: Water

Amrita Das, Eberechi Ichi and Sattar Dorafshan    
Ancillary structures are essential for highways? safe operationality but are mainly prone to environmental corrosion. The traditional way of inspecting ancillary structures is manned inspection, which is laborious, time-consuming, and unsafe for inspecto... ver más
Revista: Infrastructures