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Status and Future Directions for Residential Street Infrastructure Retrofit Research

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Kevin J. Krizek, Fariya Sharmeen, Karel Martens    
As communities around the globe contemplate the future of their transport portfolio, bicycling's role has increasingly cropped up as a key discussion point. Up until a few years ago, bicycling's value was largely fueled by a loyal advocacy base. Its pote... ver más

Gopal Vishwakarma and Wonjun Lee    
Nowadays, companies are heavily investing in the development of ?Internet of Things(IoT)? products. These companies usually and obviously hunt for lucrative business models. Currently, each person owns at least 3?4 devices (such as mobiles, personal comp... ver más
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Norman A. Graham, Steven G. Pueppke, Talgat Uderbayev     Pág. 1 - 16
Central Asia?s arid lowland ecosystems are dependent on water that originates in nearby mountains and is carried by rivers to terminal lakes and freshwater seas with no outlets to the ocean. Fish traditionally thrived in these waterways, but they have be... ver más
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Haipeng Li, Hidenori Nakazato and Syed Hassan Ahmed    
Since the content delivery unit over Information-Centric Networking (ICN) has shifted from files to the segments of a file named chunks, solely either file-level or chunk-level request probability is insufficient for ICN cache management. In this paper, ... ver más
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Shiuan Chang, Kwo-Hsiung Young and Yu-Ling Lien    
Patent applications in the field of nickel/metal hydride (Ni/MH) batteries are reviewed to provide a solid technology background and directions for future developments. As the fourth review article in the series of investigations into intellectual proper... ver más
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