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Entrepreneurial development in South Africa through innovation: A model for poverty alleviation

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Ángela González Moreno, Llanos López Muñoz and Rosario Pérez Morote    

Francisco del Olmo-García, Fernando Crecente-Romero, Maria Teresa del Val-Núñez     Pág. 16 - 29
The development of entrepreneurial spirit based on market opportunities, innovation, and creativity is what drives economic growth, provided this takes place under conditions of sustainability. To ensure such development, an institutional framework condu... ver más

Wudu Melese Tarekegne, Alebachew Hailu Gelaneh, Mr     Pág. 61 - 73
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Ronald G. Hernández Maldonado     Pág. 1 - 12
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Olive Kamane Ndeveni, Kenneth Lawrence Wanjau, George Mbugua Kariuki, Joseph Muchiri     Pág. 18 - 26
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