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The most critical issues facing managers in South Africa today

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Mahdieh Iranmanesh, Sayyed Abdolmajid JALAEE, Professor of Economics, Shahid Bahonar U, Mohsen ZAYANDERODI     Pág. 282 - 304
In Iran, one of the most important economic problems in recent decades is the phenomenon of inflation. Achieving a stable inflation rate requires the ability to use efficient and effective tools in economic policy-making. Hence, economic policymakers sho... ver más

Amged Saleh Shkeer,Zainudin Awang     Pág. 197 - 204
An accurate decision is vital for an organization to survive in highly competitive marketplaces. The most critical factor contributing to the accuracy of decision making is the Management Information System (MIS). This study intended to determine the imp... ver más

Caren Scheepers,Paul Whelpton    
AbstractBackground: Most large information technology (IT) projects fail, costing businesses billions of rand while delivering limited benefits. This has stimulated considerable, yet inconclusive, research into the reasons for project success and fa... ver más

Christiaan Hattingh,André de Waal,Phillip Parsons    
AbstractThe dual challenge of globalisation of competition and global economic slowdown has increasingly forced businesses to do introspection not only in terms of their cost structures, but also in terms of their value proposition in search of sustainab... ver más

Joshua S. Bendickson, Jeffrey Muldoon, Eric W. Liguori, Chelsea Midgett     Pág. 1 - 12
New businesses are an important part of any economy, yet the key elements to achieve startup success are often unclear or up for debate. Attracting, selecting, and training employees are often critical activities for most startups. Research suggests that... ver más