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City Data Plan: The Conceptualisation of a Policy Instrument for Data Governance in Smart Cities

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Andreas F. Gkontzis, Sotiris Kotsiantis, Georgios Feretzakis and Vassilios S. Verykios    
Smart cities, leveraging advanced data analytics, predictive models, and digital twin techniques, offer a transformative model for sustainable urban development. Predictive analytics is critical to proactive planning, enabling cities to adapt to evolving... ver más
Revista: Future Internet

Ioannis Nikolaou and Leonidas Anthopoulos    
Contextual data are receiving increasing attention in Smart Cities as they enable the development and delivery of smart services for their citizens. The homogenization of contextual data flows has become an important topic for standardization bodies as t... ver más
Revista: Buildings

Frédéric Leroux, Mickaël Germain, Étienne Clabaut, Yacine Bouroubi and Tony St-Pierre    
Digital twins are increasingly gaining popularity as a method for simulating intricate natural and urban environments, with the precise segmentation of 3D objects playing an important role. This study focuses on developing a methodology for extracting bu... ver más

Anestis Kousis and Christos Tjortjis    
In recent years, the emergence of the smart city concept has garnered attention as a promising innovation aimed at addressing the multifactorial challenges arising from the concurrent trends of urban population growth and the climate crisis. In this stud... ver más
Revista: Future Internet

Anthony Boanada-Fuchs, Monika Kuffer and Jota Samper    
Slums are a structural feature of urbanization, and shifting urbanization trends underline their significance for the cities of tomorrow. Despite their importance, data and knowledge on slums are very limited. In consideration of the current data landsca... ver más
Revista: Urban Science