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A conceptual framework to analyse supply chain designs

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Floriano de Azevedo Marques Neto,Hendrick Pinheiro,Tamara Cukiert    
Objective: To analyze efficiency contracts, a contractual modality whose use was expanded by Law no. 14,133/2021, in its conceptual perspective and based on international experiences.Methodology: Qualitative post-positivist research, exploratory-descript... ver más

Oualid Abidi, Vladimir Dzenopoljac, Aleksandra Dzenopoljac     Pág. 55 - 66
Research Question: This conceptual research explores the role that academic entrepreneurship can play in Middle Eastern countries in addressing the effects of COVID-19 pandemic in the region. Motivation: Entrepreneurial universities are pivotal in contem... ver más
Revista: Management

Josef Baumüller,Stefan O. Grbenic     Pág. 369 - 381
Non-financial reporting as established through the NFRD (2014/95/EU) has become a core element of the EU Commission?s ambitions to transform the European economy towards more sustainability. To address the increased criticism which meets the current repo... ver más

Muhammad Ananda Alifiarry,Bevaola Kusumasari     Pág. 1 - 30
Most of the research on social movement and digital advocacy through hashtags is concentrated on the identifications of social media usage. There is limited research concerning the comprehensive understanding and analysis on how it can develop and intera... ver más

Dyah Mutiarin,Misran Misran     Pág. 146 ? 163
This study aims to determine the development of research on new public management policies in developed and developing countries in the last five years. To find out, we reviewed hundreds of related journals related to new general management policies in d... ver más