Empirical evidence from a connectivist Competitive Intelligence Massive Open Online Course (CI cMOOC) proof of concept

Gianita Bleojua    
Alexandru Capatinaa    
Valter Vairinhosb    
Rozalia Nistora    
Nicolas Lescac    


This study proposes a competitive intelligence connectivist Massive Open Online Course (CI cMOOC) proof of concept and highlights the interactions among content, context and community to explore relevance in CI cMOOC behavior. The CI cMOOC proof of concept was empirically tested with an online purposive sampling to target a qualified audience of similar and dissimilar information-rich cases, providing evidence about content-context-community competing influence on CI knowledge. The results revealed how the CI learning community perceive the capability of a cMOOC to train foreknowledge practices, given the best match between its content and context. The findings outline that tailored learning approach of the instructor influences the CI learning community?s satisfaction with the content. The study facilitates theory development in addressing the emerging paradigm of an open intelligence approach to cMOOC collective training. Within boundaries of empirical return on experience of qualified respondents, the research framework strengthens trust in supervised interpretive judgment of CI learners confronted with anticipating competitive challenges.

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