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Competitive intelligence as a game changer for Africa?s competitiveness in the global economy

Alexander Maune    


This article presents a ?competitiveness intelligence? conceptual framework developed from a literature review for adaptation by African countries to improve their competitiveness in the global economy. The role of competitive intelligence in national competitiveness has been shrouded with a lot of controversy in this era of trade liberalisation, globalisation and the fourth industrial revolution. We see Africa?s poor performance in the global competitiveness rankings. Research findings, however, show a positive nexus between competitive intelligence and competitiveness, though not much is known pertaining to Africa. The presented conceptual framework will, however, act as a catalyst for the adoption of competitive intelligence by African countries to improve their performance in the global economy. This article is of great importance to policymakers, researchers and academia. Furthermore, given the history and importance of competitive intelligence in economic development, the conceptual framework has the potential to inspire many African countries through subsequent adaptions.

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