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Software development for research of data transfer rate in the corporate network

E.N. Antonyants    
A.O. Amelchenko    
E.E. Istratova    


The article presents the results of designing and researching a client-server application for studying the characteristics of the corporate network. To implement the software,  comparison of program-analyzers of network traffic was carried out, their distinctive characteristics were identified, and an algorithm for organizing the process of collecting and processing key parameters of the corporate network network traffic was developed. The development of a software product for predicting changes in the characteristics of the corporate network over time was carried out using the object-oriented programming language C# and socket technology. The article also presents both the results of software development for analyzing the data transfer rate and network traffic delay, and the results of research on the process of transmitting audio and video streams in the corporate network. Based on the results obtained, the regularity of changes in the values of data transfer rate and network traffic delay time in the network during the day, depending on the length of packets, was revealed, after which a regression model was compiled that allows predicting the values of the main characteristics of the network. The results of the research made it possible to conclude that the developed software product can be used for monitoring and planning data transmission processes in the company's corporate network.

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