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Mikhail Yakovlevich Veselovsky,Alexander Evgenievich Suglobov,Mikhail Sergeyevich Abrashkin,Natalya Sergeevna Khoroshavina,Alexander Annayarovich Stepanov     Pág. 16 - 22
The main purpose of the work was to examine the characteristics and identify the most innovative ways to manage Russian science-intensive enterprises in the emerging new technological paradigm. Fundamental position, works of scientists authoritative in t... ver más
Revista: International Review of Management and Marketing    Formato: Electrónico

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Mikhail Yakovlevich Veselovsky,Alexander Evgenievich Suglobov,Natalya Sergeevna Khoroshavina,Mikhail Sergeyevich Abrashkin,Alexander Annayarovich Stepanov     Pág. 231 - 237
Russian state policy is aimed at the formation of the national innovation system. Stimulation of the innovation activities of entrepreneurs is crucial in terms of innovative development of the country. In many ways, it is determined by the availabil... ver más
Revista: International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues    Formato: Electrónico

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