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Vanessa Cury Galati, Ana Carolina Corrêa Muniz, João Emmauel Ribeiro Guimarães, Claudia Machado Fabrino Mattiuz, Ben Hur Mattiuz     Pág. e50016
Alstroemeria flowers have shown great importance in the world trade of cut flowers due mainly to its beauty and wide variety of colors. However, the durability of its inflorescences is usually hampered by the rapid yellowing of the leaves, which impairs ... ver más
Revista: Acta Scientiarum: Technology    Formato: Electrónico

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Geoff A. Goldman,Jonathan Kruger    
AbstractOrientation: Sound strategic management is vital for the longevity and sustainability of organisations. Yet, strategy execution remains problematic, in part due to prolific changes in the business environment.Research purpose: To explore the view... ver más
Revista: Journal of Economic and Financial Sciences (JEF)    Formato: Electrónico

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Diana Merchan, Mónica Criollo, Marina Arteaga, Mercy Agila     Pág. 341 - 350

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Vincenzo Bernardini,Silvano Avolio,Manuela Plutino     Pág. eRC01
Aim of study: (1) to assess structural parameters of Giant pines; (2) to compare three several inventories and relative parameters; (3) to assess mechanical stability of Giant pines.Area of study: Sila National Park, Calabria, Italy.Material and methods:... ver más
Revista: Forest Systems    Formato: Electrónico

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This paper presents a preliminary finite element model in Strand7 software to analyse creep and shrinkage effects on the prestressed concrete ribs of the Sydney Opera House as remarkable heritage. A linear static analysis was performed to investigate the... ver más
Revista: Buildings    Formato: Electrónico

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Daniel N. Farhey    
This paper demonstrates a comprehensive national network-level analysis to determine the relative deteriorations and operational structural performances of the various types of bridge structural design and/or construction. The study analyzes the entire d... ver más
Revista: Infrastructures    Formato: Electrónico

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José Alberto García-Berna, Juan Manuel Carrillo de Gea, Begoña Moros, José Luis Fernández-Alemán, Joaquín Nicolás and Ambrosio Toval    
The growing concern over the state of degradation of the environment has led to a consideration of aspects relating to sustainability in software. Bearing this in mind, we have carried out a survey of practitioners, aiming to gather information about the... ver más
Revista: Applied Sciences    Formato: Electrónico

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Felicia L. Wilson    
The nursing home industry is facing a crisis that appears to only get worse as each year progresses. The issue at hand is attracting and retaining qualified nursing home administrators to run efficient nursing homes. There is an overwhelming amount of da... ver más
Revista: Journal of Diversity Management (JDM)    Formato: Electrónico

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Sadegh Aminifar , Sirwan Mohamad Kekshar , Muhammadamin Daneshwar     Pág. 1 - 12
Introduction: In this paper, using look-up table control strategy, a fuzzy logic controller is designed for controlling the temperature of steaming room in terrazzo tile plant corresponding to dedicated process diagrams. Methods: In the proposed method, ... ver más
Revista: Innovaciencia    Formato: Electrónico

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Fernanda Cardoso Romão Freitas,Fabiane Domingues de Magalhães de Almeida     Pág. 181 - 199
Revista: Journal on Innovation and Sustainability    Formato: Electrónico

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