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Luluk Muhimatul Ifada,Chrisna Suhendi,Rustam Hanafi     Pág. 195 - 207
Abstract: This research aims to investigate how the board of commissioners plays a role in influencing Islamic social reporting. The object of this study was the disclosure of Islamic social reporting in sharia banking in Indonesia, through secondary dat... ver más
Revista: Jurnal Economia    Formato: Electrónico

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Ari Putri Soleha Kusumasari, Siti Aisjah, Kusuma Ratnawati     Pág. 01 - 09

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Soeharjoto Soekapdjo,(Universitas TrisaktiIndonesia)     Pág. 122 - 133
Aims of this study is to know about Islamic Social Reporting determination at manufacturing  industry sector listed on Indonesia Sharia Stock Index, with the exchange rate and inflation as moderating variables. Panel data regression is used as a met... ver más
Revista: Integrated Journal of Business and Economics    Formato: Electrónico

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This research aim to analyze the effect of  number of Board of Directors, number of Commissioners and  audit committee of the company with the Islamic social reporting as mediation variables. This research was conducted on the basic and chemica... ver más
Revista: Journal of Business Studies and Management Review    Formato: Electrónico

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Peni Nugraheni,Ristina Wijayanti     Pág. 103 - 112
The aim of this study is to obtain empirical evidence about factors that affect Islamic Social Reporting (ISR) in the Sharia compliant companies in Indonesia. The factors that used in this study are: company size, profitability, industry type, and owners... ver más
Revista: Journal of Economics, Business & Accountancy    Formato: Electrónico

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Ismail Ben Douissa,Tawfik Azrak     Pág. 468 - 477
Scoring the disclosure of corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices of banks has been extensively studied in the literature. However, a few studies covered the voluntary aspect of CSR practices disclosure in the banking sector. While the responsibi... ver más
Revista: International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues    Formato: Electrónico

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