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Dewi Anggraini, Eri Triharyati, Helen Anggia Novita     Pág. 372 - 380
Forensic accountants are tasked with providing legal opinions in litigation. Besides that, there is also the role of forensic accountants in the field of law outside the court (non-itigation) for example in helping to formulate alternative settlement cas... ver más
Revista: Journal of Economic; Bussines and Accounting (COSTING)    Formato: Electrónico

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Ghusti Ayu Criestiant Rolihlahla,Made Dudy Satyawan,Ni Nyoman Alit Triani     Pág. 227 - 236
Effectiveness of corruption cases aimed at making the corrupt severely punished in a court of corruption and bring the deterrent effect for public officials who intend to engage in corruption. This study aims to explain the depth of the role of forensic ... ver más
Revista: Journal of Economics, Business & Accountancy    Formato: Electrónico

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