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Guy M. Robinson, Douglas K. Bardsley, Christopher M. Raymond, Tegan Underwood, Emily Moskwa, Delene Weber, Nicolette Waschl and Annette M. Bardsley    
This paper reports on results from two major research projects conducted in South Australia. The first investigates adaptation to climate change in two of the state?s major grain and sheep farming regions, using semi-structured interviews and focus group... ver más
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Jorge A. Amador,Tercio Ambrizzi,Raymond W. Arritt,Christopher L. Castro,Tereza Cavazos,Ruth Cerezo-Mota,Ramón Fuentes-Franco,Filippo Giorgi,Graziano Guiliani,Huikyo Lee,Matías Méndez-Pérez,Erick R. Rivera     Pág. 185 - 188
What: International experts and attendees from several countries of Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean (CAM), and South America (SA) met to discuss regional issues on climate variability and climate change to learn the use of the non-hydrostatic vers... ver más
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Ramon M. Molina, Wayne Chittick, Eric A. Nelson, Jane Christopher-Hennings, Raymond R.R. Rowland, and Jeffrey J. Zimmerman     Pág. 735 - 743

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