Intention to purchase green products according to the Theory of Planned Behaviour: Incorporation of the moral obligation to the model

Jessica Müller    
Juan Bernardo Amezcua    
Sheyla Müller    


Green consumer buying behavior has recently increased. According to Kantar World Panel Mexico in 2012, only 16% of Mexicans carried out some ecological action and, in 2019, 7 of 10 Mexicans are willing to buy ecological products. In order to assess the motivators who have driven this change this study aims to examine the intention to purchase green products on young consumers based on the Theory of Planned Behavior incorporating moral obligation. An online survey was applied to a group of 280 public school students from the Northeast region of Mexico. The data were analyzed through the structural equations model with partial least squares (PLS-SEM), which revealed that only attitude and moral obligation have a positive and significant effect on the intention to buy green products.

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