Effect of Human Resource Competencies, Information Technology and Internal Control Systems on Good Governance and Local Government Financial Management Performance

Nurmiati Irvan    
Abdul Rahman Mus    
Muhammad Su'un    
Mukhlis Sufri    


This study aimed to analyze the effect of human resource competencies, information technology and internal control systems on good governance and local government financial management performance in the Indonesian local government (Pangkep South Sulawesi).  Research conducted on civil servants working on 49 local work units (SKPD) by setting a sample of 245 respondents. Data were analyzed using Structural Equation Model (SEM) supporting through Analysis of Moment Structures (AMOS) Ver. 21. The results showed that the human resources competencies and internal control system have a positive and a significant effect on good governance. Information technology has positive but not significant effect on good governance. A human resources competency, internal control system and good governance have positive and significant effect on the financial management performance. Information technology has insignificant effect on financial management performance: The Mediating role of good governance.

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