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Sakshi Saini     Pág. 1 - 8
Women in India are still struggling for financial independence. Females in India accounted for 48%, but their participation in the workforce is 26% (The Hindu, 2018). A significant proportion of the female labour workforce is engaged in the unorganized s... ver más
Revista: IRA-International Journal of Management & Social Sciences    Formato: Electrónico

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Lilies Prihantini     Pág. 9
This conceptual paper explores the impact of service-related attributes on customer satisfaction in Indonesian family dining establishments in Jakarta. This study is based on the SERVQUAL model, and a quantitative approach will be adopted using SmartPLS ... ver más
Revista: Journal of Postgraduate Current Business Research    Formato: Electrónico

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Vian Ahmed , Sara Saboor, Fatima Ahmed Almarzooqi , Hessa Ahmed Alshamsi , Mariam Abdalla Alketbi , Fatema Ahmed Al marei    
Sustainability has gained popularity and importance around the globe due to the ever-increasing effects of climate change and global warming on Earth. As of the 21st century, human endeavour has caused an enormous amount of damage to the environmental ec... ver más
Revista: Construction Economics and Building    Formato: Electrónico

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Gift U Ntiwunka,Chibuzor A Nwaodike,Adewale K Kupoluyi     Pág. 229 - 254
Elections in many developing countries such as Nigeria remain complex and cannot be handled solely by the government, as a vibrant print media is part of this exercise. Unfortunately, the Nigerian electoral process cannot be said to enjoy free, fair, and... ver más
Revista: Journal of Government and Politics    Formato: Electrónico

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Rahil Asadi,Larisa Mihoreanu,Vasilica Georgiana Radu     Pág. 75 - 82
Abstract.Nowadays, the concept of Knowledge Management is gradually being recognized in governmental establishments which are seeking to deploy their own knowledge management system and make the most of their existing knowledge in policymaking, by creati... ver más
Revista: Journal of Economic Development; Environment and People    Formato: Electrónico

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Jeremy Piggot,María Beatriz Piderit,Pierre Blanchet     Pág. 201 - 213
The objective of this research is to analyze the thermal performance of wood-frame vertical envelope solutions used in Canadian establishments and to evaluate how these technologies contribute towards reducing the energy demand of educational establishme... ver más
Revista: Revista de la Construcción    Formato: Electrónico

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Nataliya Kantsedal,Oksana Ponomarenko,Lyudmila Dorohan?-Pisarenko,Oksana Liaska     Pág. 778 - 797
Revista: Independent Journal of Management & Production    Formato: Electrónico

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t b a    
The Kuala Lumpur City Hall (KLCH) has planted 100,000 trees along the main streets of the city centre through the National Economic Transformation Programme to make the city more liveable. This paper studies the reasons of its different establishments an... ver más
Revista: Environment-Behaviour Proceedings Journal    Formato: Electrónico

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Elena-Iuliana Pascu-Gabara,Larisa Mihoreanu     Pág. 29 - 37
This article explores the relationship between education and health from the perspective of revised literature and suggests an exercise combining the scientific theory with applied knowledge to achieve health progress reflected in health indices improvem... ver más
Revista: Journal of Economic Development; Environment and People    Formato: Electrónico

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Rusreena Rusli,Harwati Hashim,Melor Md Yunus,Nur Yasmin Khairani Zakaria,Helmi Norman     Pág. pp. 85 - 94
Advances of technology and innovation suggest new form and paths in language teaching. Social media use can be a great influence for English as a Second Language (ESL) students especially in writing competency. Despite of many positive reports that prese... ver más

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