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Angel E. Muñoz-Zavala, Jorge E. Macías-Díaz, Daniel Alba-Cuéllar and José A. Guerrero-Díaz-de-León    
This paper reviews the application of artificial neural network (ANN) models to time series prediction tasks. We begin by briefly introducing some basic concepts and terms related to time series analysis, and by outlining some of the most popular ANN arc... ver más
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Pablo Brusola, Sergio Garcia-Nieto, Jose Vicente Salcedo, Miguel Martinez and Robert H. Bishop    
This paper presents a mathematical modeling approach utilizing a fuzzy modeling framework for fixed-wing aircraft systems with the goal of creating a highly desirable mathematical representation for model-based control design applications. The starting p... ver más
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Roque Calvo and Ana Arteaga    
Heterogeneous systems of limited capacity have general applications in manufacturing, but also in logistic or service systems due to the differences in server or workstation performance or work assignment; this is in close relationship with system flexib... ver más
Revista: Applied Sciences    Formato: Electrónico

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Fahad Alshehri and Mark Ross    
This hydrological study investigated a combined rating methodology tested on a 14,090 km2 area in Southwest Florida. The approach applied the Hydrological Simulation Program-Fortran (HSPF) over a 23-year period and was validated by 28 stream gauging stat... ver más
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Qi Zhu, Su-Mei Wang and Yi-Qing Ni    
Maglev transportation is a highly promising form of transportation for the future, primarily due to its friction-free operation, exceptional comfort, and low risk of derailment. Unlike conventional transportation systems, maglev trains operate with no me... ver más
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Davy Preuveneers and Wouter Joosen    
Ontologies have the potential to play an important role in the cybersecurity landscape as they are able to provide a structured and standardized way to semantically represent and organize knowledge about a domain of interest. They help in unambiguously m... ver más
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Louis Closson, Christophe Cérin, Didier Donsez and Jean-Luc Baudouin    
This paper aims to provide discernment toward establishing a general framework, dedicated to data analysis and forecasting in smart buildings. It constitutes an industrial return of experience from an industrialist specializing in IoT supported by the ac... ver más
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R. Gayathri, Jen-Yi Chang, Chia-Cheng Tsai and Tai-Wen Hsu    
An oscillating water column (OWC) is designed for the extraction and conversion of wave energy into usable electrical power, rather than being a standalone renewable energy source. This review paper presents a comprehensive analysis of the mathematical m... ver más
Revista: Journal of Marine Science and Engineering    Formato: Electrónico

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Thabit Atobishi, Sahar Moh?d Abu Bakir and Saeed Nosratabadi    
As public sector agencies face rising imperatives to digitally transform citizen services, data systems, and internal operations, questions persist as to whether investments in big data analytics and automation capabilities, evidenced to drive organizati... ver más
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Jonathan Stiles, Harvey Miller     Pág. 97 - 113
This study identifies built environmental factors that influence the determination of fault in urban pedestrian crashes in the United States, with implications for both safety and equity. Using data from Columbus, Ohio, we apply regression modeling, spat... ver más
Revista: Journal of Transport and Land Use    Formato: Electrónico

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