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Xueping Zhu, Chi Zhang, Wei Qi, Wenjun Cai, Xuehua Zhao and Xueni Wang    
The impacts of temperature and precipitation changes on regional evaporation and runoff characteristics have been investigated for the Biliu River basin, which is located in Liaoning Province, northeast China. Multiple climate change scenarios from phase... ver más
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Kwong Fai A. Lo and Suranjith Bandara Koralegedara    
Cities are becoming increasingly vulnerable to water-related issues due to rapid urbanization, installation of complex infrastructure and changes in rainfall patterns. This study aims at assessing the impacts of climate change on rainwater harvesting sys... ver más
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Observed and projected changes in climate have serious socio-economic implications for the Caribbean islands.This article attempts to present basic climate change information?based on previous studies, available observations and climate model simulations... ver más
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