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Ayamba Emmanuel Caesar,Chen HaiBo,Thomas Bilaliib Udimal,Andrew Osei-Agyemang     Pág. 315 - 322
This paper examines the causality between foreign direct investment, growth of output indicators and gross domestic product in China between 1995-2016 using Granger causality test based on the vector error correction model. In contemporary times, attenti... ver más
Revista: International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues    Formato: Electrónico

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Yvonne Barnard, Satu Innamaa, Sami Koskinen, Helena Gellerman, ... Haibo Chen     Pág. 2188 - 2196
Over the past decade a large number of Field Operational Tests (FOT) have been conducted to test Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in real traffic conditions with thousands of drivers. In order to ensure scientifically sound studies a FOT methodology w... ver más
Revista: Transportation Research Procedia    Formato: Electrónico

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Zhizhuang Liu, Tiansheng Hong, Wenzhao Zhang, Zhen Li, and Haibo Chen    

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