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Relevance of Work-Life Balance in India ? A Skeptical Analysis among Teaching Professionals

Rubavel M    


A person has to balance the work and life in all walks of his life. Due to social change in the society, the type of households is changing from the joint family to nuclear family. The family, work, and society demand equal attention and obligation. The person has to balance the work to family interference and family to work interference. The work-life balance has been adopted by various corporate and organization. This paper reviews how various professionals manage work and life. Some factors influence the work-life balance in the day to day life. It is the greatest task for retaining the manpower in an institution. It is important to facilitate the employee to maintain a work-life balance. There are different kinds of professionals who face challenges in managing work-life balance. It is assumed that the teacher with more children finds difficulty in balancing work-life balance than the childless teacher. She may perceive a better work-life balance. The male teachers may experience a higher degree of burnt out than female teachers. These views helped the author to explore the factors involved in balancing work-life balance and to provide suggestions to manage the work-life. The author has taken up empirical study, this paper focuses on understanding the situation of teachers & faculties in terms of Work-life balance, Factor involved in work-life balance, and to provide suggestions to manage the work-life balance in the teaching profession.

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