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An exploratory study of pre-extrusion flavouring: investigation with vitamins, amino acids, essential oils, natural aromas and seasonings

Leonardo Heleno Milk    
Talita Maira Goss Milani    
Ana Carolina Conti-Silva    


Expanded corn snacks are obtained through thermoplastic extrusion and then a lipid vehicle (oil or hydrogenated vegetable fat) is sprinkled on the product, giving the desired flavour. However, this second step called post-extrusion flavouring increases the lipid content and the caloric value of the snack, reasons why these products are highly criticized. Thus, the study of pre-extrusion flavourings is an interesting way of finding corn snacks with better nutritive value. Therefore, we aimed to explore pre-extrusion flavouring using different substances, investigating the odour and flavour on the extrudates and the impact of such substances on their expansion ratio, density, and colour. To do this, vitamins, amino acids, essential oils, natural aromas and seasonings were added to corn grits and extruded. The addition of different substances, especially the essential oils, natural aromas and seasonings, produced odour and flavour in the extrudates, as well as having little negative impact on their physical properties of the extrudates, no impact or even a small positive impact. Therefore, this study provides a range of possibilities to be explored, using pre-extrusion flavouring as a way of reducing the use of lipids and improving the nutritive value of expanded snacks.

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