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Adebayo Ola Afolaranmi     Pág. 1 - 12
AbstractThis article aims at exploring the conflict management mechanisms through social media that the pastors of the Nigerian Baptist Convention are using in their churches. Twenty pastors were randomly and purposively selected from the pool of Baptist... ver más
Revista: IRA-International Journal of Management & Social Sciences    Formato: Electrónico

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Syarif Ahmad,Ibnu Khaldun,Seta Basri,Ahmad Chumaedi     Pág. 66 - 78
This study aims to determine the map of potential inter-village conflicts, identify various factors triggering inter-village conflicts and formulate strategies for handling inter-village conflicts that occur in Bima Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province. ... ver más
Revista: Journal of Government and Civil Society    Formato: Electrónico

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Raísa Fernanda Ribeiro de Vasconcelos,Luiz Honorato da Silva Júnior    
Water scarcity is probably one of the greatest challenges imposed on modern societies and Alto São Marcos, a water planning unit located between the Federal District and the states of Goiás and Minas Gerais, represents well the conflicts that involve mul... ver más
Revista: Desenvolvimento e Meio Ambiente    Formato: Electrónico

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Marko Pavlovic, Biljana Stojanovic-Vi?ic, Marija Runic Ristic     Pág. 55 - 68
Research Question: This paper starts with the research question regarding the relationship between workplace conflicts and job satisfaction in the public sector in Serbia. Motivation: The main motivation for this research study was: to examine a compromi... ver más
Revista: Management    Formato: Electrónico

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Irwan Irwan,Melloukey Ardan,Nuril Mahda Rangkuti,Febrina Monalisa     Pág. 20 - 29
Project delays are the main contribution to project cost overruns. The research intends to determine the main factor that cause delays in construction projects at PT. PLN (PERSERO) UIP Sumbagut. In this research, there were 31 variables which were groupe... ver más
Revista: Journal of Civil Engineering; Building and Trasportation    Formato: Electrónico

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Nikita Nazarov     Pág. 91 - 97
The subject of study in the article is the process of socio-economic conflict management. The purpose of the work is to substantiate the theoretical provisions and methodological approaches in the management of labor conflicts as a form of social and lab... ver más

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Mariano Méndez-Suárez     Pág. 1 - 9
Revista: Journal of Small Business Strategy    Formato: Electrónico

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Elisabet Nungky Septania, Ahmad Sarwadi, Dyah Titisari Widyastuti     Pág. 110 - 115
Baron Beach is a public space that becomes an icon of Gunungkidul Regency. The conditions of a waterfront that have a river and surrounded by hills also the presence of fishing activities attract visitors. Various kinds of activities that occur in this p... ver más
Revista: Journal of Science and Applicative Technology    Formato: Electrónico

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Velinka Tomic     Pág. 86 - 98
This paper discusses the methods of evaluating active labor market policy. In addition, an important aspect of the analysis, conducted in this paper, concerns the assessment of the relative success of these measures in the case of the Republic of Srpska.... ver más
Revista: Journal of Economic Development; Environment and People    Formato: Electrónico

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Elvina Lase,Teng Sauh Hwee,Yusuf Ronny Edward     Pág. 326 - 338
Auditors are required to be professional to carry out their duties properly in examining the client's financial statements to provide benefits to the client and interested parties on the audit results. However, this professional attitude cannot be separa... ver más
Revista: Journal of Economics, Business & Accountancy    Formato: Electrónico

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