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Faizatul Laila, Dodi Wirawan Irawanto, Christin Susilowati     Pág. 218 - 224

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Hamal Agung Priyono, Dodi Wirawan Irawanto, Nanang Suryadi     Pág. 117 - 129

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Emma Yulianti,Margono Setiawan,Surachman Surachman,Dodi Wirawan Irawanto     Pág. in press
Previous literatures have described the influence of ethical leadership on employees? outcomes. However, many researchers have not yet revealed the mechanism of this effect. Previous research has found that cultural and social factors influence leader-sh... ver más
Revista: Journal of Economics, Business & Accountancy    Formato: Electrónico

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Dodi Wirawan Irawanto    
Managers around the world need ideas and support to meet many of the challenges of leading. Leadership requires actions and strategies as well as convictions and ideas. Leadership occurs in relation with followers. Leading Indonesian people is not the sa... ver más
Revista: Journal of Diversity Management (JDM)    Formato: Electrónico

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